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Sydney Allen PrintersThere is quite a pattern emerging amongst the folk we have supporting John Bowe Racing. My world is all about relationships. Motorsport attracts some of the best characters you'll ever meet and only occasionally some of the worst!

The Sydney Allen Printers story is a good one. I met Ian Kingham many years ago when he purchased an F6 from my mate Hammo at Sinclair Ford. Ian came to a track day conducted by Hammo for his FPV customers. During the course of the day I ride with all of his customers, as I did with Ian. He was a natural. I told him so and suggested he consider racing... sorry mate! Fast forward to today, and he has purchased a Production Car class race car and competes in the State Series.

So I help Ian with a little advise, and Sydney Allen take care of the wonderful JBR Mustang Sally posters you might have seen. It doesn't matter how little time/warning we give him, he delivers our posters to where we need them in record time. Occasionally I've thought they won't make it in time, but I’ve always been wrong.

If you are considering any print work contact my mate Ian Kingham. He's the sales Director and he knows how to get it done!

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