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Unique CarsMy relationship with Unique Cars Magazine is unquestionable one of my most fitting, as I'm a car guy!

I spent my early years – interestingly working as a car salesman – in the family business Bowe - Sheehan Motors. We were Mazda and BMW Dealers. I raced for Dick Johnson and spent my spare time selling cars. My entire world has always been cars. My dad Brian was a racer, so I guess I got the 'Car Gene' bad. I've owned literately hundreds of cars - some were good, others not so good. I have a love and understanding of cars. It's my whole world.

Unique Cars Magazine is Australia's biggest selling car magazine in an industry that is in decline. Unique Cars has remained strong! I believe the answer is simple: they're focused on people’s interests. As the name says, Unique Cars. I think in simple terms they are connected to their readers, they understand what their readers want.

My section in the mag is titled 'JB's Past Blasts', and is sponsored by my dear friends Liqui-Moly. It's quite fitting really, given I have a couple of Unique Cars myself and run Liqui-Moly products in them. So it's a great partnership. It's like a boyhood dream really. I select the cars I'm interested in, we find them, I drive them and write about my experience. I've met some fantastic people and had their prize possessions entrusted to me. There is always an element of danger attached to the role. I drove a Ferrari for a Part Blasts article a couple of years ago, which Maranello Motorsport were selling.  And yep, it's at home in the garage. I love it so much it sits beside my E Type Jag.

Unique Cars has something for everyone. Make sure you pick up your copy! It's a great read.


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