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V8RaceV8Race –  is the real deal! These guys are the most professional drive/ride experience operators in the country - bar none!, Their slogan is, ‘Real Race Driving’ … it’s absolutely true. Let me warn you though, this caper can be very addictive, guaranteed you will want more! Maybe they should have a warning on the ticket! I deliver my Special JB programs (Octane Dreams and Race Mates) for V8Race at circuits around Australia, I get a real blast from doing them. It is a fantastic opportunity for me to share the ‘adrenalin buzz’ I’ve had for the past 40 years with like minded people,their friends and family. Please visit V8race.com - there is a huge range of programs available to suit every budget, one thing I can guarantee, and you’ll definitely get your moneys worth. In 2010 we staged our first V8Race Bathurst, to imagine you guys can suit up and have a crack at The Mountain is just remarkable. We've had folks come from all points of Australia, to run The Mountain - Bathurst sells out very fast, keep an eye on the calendar, V8Race Bathurst follows on straight after the Bathurst 12 Hour in February each year. You need to go and book right NOW!! So, to book your V8Race experience you can do so by emailing me at @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go directly to http://www.v8race.com - as long as you go - I'll see you trackside!

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